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Littleton Memory Care Activities

Activities for Dementia Care

Assisted Living on Broadway utilizes Montessori-based activities for our residents. Montessori-based activities include a variety of stimulating, visually-appealing materials taken from the everyday environment. Activities also include engaging group and solo activities for fun and enjoyment!

Activities represent five domains of functioning:

1) Cognitive stimulation
2) Life Skills
3) Motor Movement and Fitness
4) Sensory Stimulation
5) Socialization


Cognitive Stimulation – containers full of multi-colored poker chips, clothes pins, colorful straws, dominoes, number tiles, or matching cards. Residents can spread out the objects and sort them, physically move them, examine relationships between the objects, count them, or spell, arrange, or reminisce about the objects.

Life Skills – folding clothes, “cooking,” preparing foods, folding yarn, polishing shoes, etc.

Motor Skills – cutting with scissors, working with tongs or tweezers, tearing paper, forming shapes with clay, squeezing clothes pins, sanding wood, and so on. To exercise gross motor skills, participants toss a beach ball, roll dice, toss bean bags, sweep/vacuum, and stretch large bands.

Sensory Stimulation – massaging hands with hand lotion, finding hidden items in cheerios, sand or corn kernels, “koosh” balls, slinkies, bubbles, bells, wind chimes, or arranging flowers.

Socialization – book club, “fill-in-the-blank” expressions, a discussion of favorite foods/holidays, or jokes and humor. Activities are done in small groups and are intended to maximize enjoyment and laughter.